Foot Zoning

What is Foot Zoning?

Foot Zoning is an in-depth foot massage treatment that helps work signals in the feet to bring the body back into balance. Massaging these areas will send signals up the body’s energy meridians and in response the body will open any blocks thus allowing energy to flow freely again. Foot Zoning treats the physical, mental and emotional features of a person by massaging specific areas of the feet. It takes a nice foot rub to a higher level by helping the body to repair and heal itself.

There are many benefits to foot zoning. A few of them are:

    Releases Stress
    Relieves Pain
    Prevents Disease
    Heals the body
    Balances Chakras
    Raises Energy Levels
    Increases Circulation
    Strengthens the Immune System

After a foot zone treatment most people feel relaxed and a release of stress. Sometimes the result is also a sense of rejuvenation! They often feel rebalanced. A balanced body can achieve a more perfect state of homeostasis.

A foot zoning session takes 45-60 minutes. I received my training through “We Do Feet” seminars by taking a 9 month course and then passing the test required for certification.

”The art of activating reflex points on the feet to make corrections in the body can be traced back many thousands of years. Pictographs from Egyptian tombs dating back to 3000 BC show people having treatments on their hands and feet. This practice was shown alongside other medical disciplines of that time like pharmacology, midwifery, dentistry, embalming and circumcisions. Paintings from China also show very similar treatments being done on the feet. However, because of the uniform development worldwide of accessing reflex points on the feet one culture cannot be given sole credit for its evolution.” (We Do Feet)

The Foot Zone balance technique has been in the USA since the mid 1980’s.

Energy Meridians

The body has 12 meridians of energy running from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. Energy flows through these meridians or energy highways, accessing the entire body and all of it’s systems. Meridians can be mapped showing how they flow within the body. They are not on the surface. Meridians exist in corresponding pairs and each meridian has many important points along its path. Most individuals cannot see ‘chi’ energy but they can feel it. When energy is doing it’s job we feel a sense of well-being and when the ‘chi’ is off despite our best efforts we do not feel good. As the veins allow blood to flow through us, meridians allow energy to run throughout the entire body.

Foot Zoning Session